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Lower Back or Pain Hip Pain?

lower back and hip pain

Lower Back Pain or Hip Pain?

The lower back and hip share many groups of muscles – this can cause confusion when it comes to locating the root cause of an injury.  Most pain in the low back and hip are caused from normal wear and tear due to aging or overuse. The hip joint is located near the spine which can cause injuries to the hip that resemble or cause back pain and vice versa.

Lower back and hip pain can be similarly felt from muscle strains, pinched nerves, herniated discs, and arthritis. With so many similarities, how do you know if your pain is coming from your low back or your hip?

Signs That it’s Hip Pain

As the hip joint is located in close proximity to the lower back, the pain source may not be easily distinguished. A common sign of hip pain is the presence of pain in the groin. Groin pain usually means the hip is the root cause – in some cases, groin pain can radiate downwards toward the knee or in the front of the thighs.

Hip pain may be felt over and around the hip joint, however, this isn’t a reliable test as some hip problems can also refer pain to your low back and contribute to the confusion when finding the source of your pain.

The muscles in the hip and the low back share many muscles which may cause you to be confused about where the pain is coming from – check with your chiropractor to help understand where your hip pain is coming from and how to prevent it

Signs it’s Lower Back Pain

Pain that can be felt above the waistline and travels down the body typically points towards lower back pain. Low back pain induces lower body pain which can be perceived as hip pain. Low back pain can result in pain radiating down the legs, weakness, and reduced range of motion.

Analyzing whether your pain stems from your lower back can be done through the pattern which your pain is felt. Do you feel pain when getting out of bed that usually improves when you move more? Is your pain worsened with prolonged standing or walking and is it relieved when you sit down? These might be signs that your pain stems from a low back issue.

Lower back and hip pain can often be confused by individuals as it may not be clear where the pain is coming from or where it’s felt – what do you do if you’re still unsure?

Visiting a doctor or chiropractor is the best way to identify the cause of your pain. They will be able to perform physical tests and provide a thorough assessment to find the affected issue. Once your pain is located, you will be provided a treatment plan to rid you of your low back or hip pain- one that works best for you.

To find out what’s causing your pain and how to treat it, visit us at Absolute Chiropractic today! Don’t wait to get back to your life, let us help to get you there!

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